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Personalize your home!

At Pontem Home we carefully select European Design products to WOW!  Every day!

Why not start and end your day surrounded by products that you love. Products that not only work well but are beautiful and built to last.


Pontem Home brings you only the best in-home and bath products. Carefully designed and manufactured by specialists who care about your home.

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The Pontem Story

Many concepts and ideas are born when we are looking for a solution. It's no different with Pontem Home. A few years ago, my wife and I refurbished our new home in Cleveland. As such, we were looking for contemporary design, higher quality, high-end, and more customizable options.


This turned out to be more than a challenge. Many of the high-end brands didn't meet our quality expectations, offered limited options, or were simply overpriced for what the product represented. With my roots in Europe, I knew we could find better solutions in well-known places like Italy and Germany.

Artisan manufacturers with a passion for design and commitment to quality. Products where you feel a "heart and soul". For sure something that better reflected our personality and lifestyle. 

We soon realized that we are not alone! Pontem Home was established to address the needs of people like us who don't want to compromise, and who want to see their personality reflected in their private space.


Our Brands

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Life is full of compromises, why do so at home?

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