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European Home Decor


Alice Ceramica

Color your life

Alice Ceramica is based in Civita Castellana, northeast of Rome, Italy. Since 1998 they have been perfecting the production of Italian ceramics, 100% made in Italy!  Alice prides themselves for being creative and ambitious to challenge the traditional dogmas of the sanitary-ware industry and produce innovative and patented new complex designs. 

It is no surprise that the heritage of the region and the long-standing traditions in ceramic-working heavily shaped Alice’s ability to exceed any expectations in terms of design and reliability. Quality, innovation, and a sense of pride make their creations unique.

Come meet the new Alice.

Berloni Bagno

Build your own

Berloni Bagno was founded in 1976 in Fossombrone, in the province of Pesaro & Urbino.


Berloni Bagno has a 16,000 square meter production area where the design, processing of raw materials, lacquering, and final assembly are carried out. The choice of materials, the designs, and market research are in close collaboration with architects and designers. The final result is a product intended for a medium-high segment with an appreciation for technical detail, excellent quality, and finish.


Proudly  "made in Italy".

Decor Walther

Discreet luxury

For more than four decades, the name Decor Walther has stood for high-quality bathroom accessories. It all started with a small specialist shop, founded in 1973 by Harald Walther, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Today they are one of the most important providers in this segment - far beyond Germany's borders. Parallel to the development of our company, a philosophy has grown that makes our products so unique globally.


Discreet luxury! The term alone distances itself from the usual. The design and quality do this even more. The design language of their products is neither excitedly fashionable nor overstated. 


Let us energise you!

JEE-O creates products with tranquillity, peace and space for body and mind, always in an ambiance of functional luxury. JEE-O is refreshing and ambitious, exclusive and extrovert, tough and bold. All product lines are characterised by robust and powerful design, always distinctive in its simplicity. A look that speaks for itself, JEE-O represents a personal, conscious choice in the modern interpretation of free time. Responding to an increasing need for self-development and more than distinctive in design. Pure aesthetic enjoyment … let us energise you!

Sonia logo

Coordinated design

For more than 25 years, Valencia, Spain has been home to the design and manufacturing of Sonia bathroom furniture and accessories.


Sonia is known for its sleek wall-mounted European-style cabinets, sinks, and vanities, available in today's most popular finishes from painted colors to wood hues. The accessory collections offer a look and feel that coordinate with a versatile lineup of faucets or statement pieces that push the boundaries of design.


For your everyday needs, a large Sonia inventory is ready to ship daily from our warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio.  


Meet Badenhaus

Badenhaus started in 1979 in the Provence of Ascolli Piceno, Italy. A family business with a passion for design, quality and sustainability. What started as a small family business operation is now Italy's largest producer of high end bathroom furniture and mirrors with a production facility of over 725,000 sft. All products are eco-sustainable with PEFC Certification promoting responsible management of forests around the world, a truely smart and green technology operation.

100% made in Italy with German engineering at heart, the best of both worlds.

Meet Badenhaus.

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